Leader Capital Group, Inc. | Leading the way to Smarter Finance Solutions
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Highly experienced and seasoned, certified, financial professionals

Formed in 2008 LCG is comprised of a group of experienced financing experts dedicated to providing smart finance solutions to business owners and real estate owners throughout the United States.  We help coordinate and manage every detail of the loan process from start to finish. This includes the initial consultation, underwriting, structuring, valuations, packaging, placement, closing and every detail in between. We act as a professional financing advisor to our clients in order to offer customized solutions that fit their unique needs. Our number one priority is great attention to detail with the highest priority placed on customer service and touch for our clients.  From small loans to large loans we have delivered results that have earned the trust of borrowers and lenders nationwide.
What Separates us from the rest?
Our years of experience with various types of transactions, situations, lenders and loan structures allows us to move quickly and act in a manner that is in the best interest of our clients without delays in any situation. We have access to over 100 different banks, insurance companies, private lenders, government lenders, investment banks, investors, etc.. Our time spent cultivating these relationships and learning their criteria has earned a trust between LCG and our sources that allows for a streamlined process that includes submission of our  transactions at the underwriting decision maker level.

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30285 Bruce Industrial Pkwy., Suite D, Solon, OH 44139